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The Otherworld and Beyond

The world has been taught a systematic self-perpetuating form of thinking. People have become slaves to their minds, which control how they act and think within society. This mind control is more a result of tyranny than self-righteousness. Sadly, the educational system has forced this deceit upon everyone since birth. Society’s main goal is controlling thoughts by dividing and conquering the mind, driving people more toward hate than love. This tyranny has been the separation of our identity. Love is within all DNA, but this systematic thinking has been destroying love in our consciousness.

You can ask one simple question using the systematic self-perpetuating form of thinking, and the entire world will know the answer. No matter the language barrier, people are socially confined to their minds. We are all taught to socially accept certain people and not others. We tend to debate whether or not it is worthwhile to help someone, but we act quickly without thinking to help defenseless animals.

It is possible to illuminate the idea within the program and destroy the evil lying within the recesses of the mind. It is a dark paradox of bitterness, jealousy, envy, lust, hatred, and loathing. You likely have heard this before many times but never thought it was inside of you. It is there, and it has been there forever, controlling you. It must be destroyed by our true identity.

This book provokes the innermost truth in all people as one collective thought. Our current one-sided thought will never evolve into a higher consciousness. It is the destroyer rather than the maker of thoughts. It opposes the law of righteousness within the abstract of color. This opposition of color has risen within the walls of its own kind since 1681. It is the idea within the separation of the colors black and white. It still exists, whether anyone believes it or not. It thrives among conversations, gestures, and facial expressions. It is here.